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    Heather Eastman

    That's a great question Melissa. There isn't really one standard check-in time. We recommend that you do an audit of all risk factors involved in their job tasks. Once you have them identified, you can complete a risk matrix with the likelihood of there being an accident on the Y-axis, and the Severity on the X-axis. Plot the activity or work task in that matrix. You will get a good idea of the risks involved in that specific job tasks. For example, you mentioned driving to peoples homes. If you plotted the likelihood of your nurse getting into an accident as low on the Y-axis and the severity of the accident being high on the X-axis, you would have a moderate risk activity. We typically recommend that moderate risk activities have a 1-2hour maximum check-in interval. This is pretty consistent with what we see with our other healthcare customers. Hope that helps!

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